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2022 Trends to watch


1. #Roséallyear

In previous years, even a sliver of blue sky would have immediately had us screaming #Roséallday and frantically stocking up the fridge with anything pale pink. However, this behaviour is set to shift in 2022 and we will see historic seasonal habits turn to all year sipping sessions - whatever the weather.

We expect rosé to hit greater heights this year through diversification of the category with new wines suitable for year-round drinking and pairing with autumnal dishes. We began to see this trend pick up last year with 36% of wine drinkers saying they wanted to drink rosé in the upcoming winter months [1].

To ensure you’re always rosé ready come rain or come shine, we recommend one of our new favourites; Zontes Footsteps Globe Skimmer. And with 10% off when you buy 6 or more there should be no stopping you.

Zonte's Footsteps Globe Skimmer (£101.70 £91.50 per case)

2. Keeping it Simple

2020 (and the ensuing lockdowns) saw a number of us becoming their own in-home mixologists, whipping up some fancy serves to make it through those long restriction evenings. However, it seems potential fatigue has set in with that trend and we are now leaning to some more pared back creations.

Something easy to create and purchase ingredients for has now captured our attention, alike to highballs, spritzes and a simple ‘on the rocks’ serving. So, farewell bee pollen and hibiscus liqueurs and say hello to a more ‘just add ice' approach. 

For us at SPIRIT.ED, our current favorite simple serve is the Italian Metà e Metà:

50cl Amara, 50cl Portofino Dry Gin, Ice, Orange Peel for Garnish

In true Italian generosity, we have given 10% off both Amara and Portofino to get you sipping as soon as possible. 


AMARA (£19.95 £17.95)                          Portofino (£36.95 £33.25)

3. Paving a new way for Whisky

The whisky category has strived to attract a younger audience for a number of years and we believe that 2022 will really be the turning point. With exciting brands coming out of more unlikely locations, there is more fun to be had with whisky as it shakes off its more serious, deep rooted heritage to deliver liquids to suit the palates of those new to the category. 

This will also be reflected in 2022 with whisky starting to take the place of vodka, rum and gin in some familiar serves like negronis, espresso martinis and even a simple whisky and tonic. This year we certainly shouldn’t be afraid to push the boundaries.

Whisky makers Woven from Leith have very much embraced this trend with their contemporary blends of traditional Scotch whiskies, releasing short-run expressions based on ‘Modern Nostalgia’. We believe so much in this trend that we paired up with Woven to create a whisky made specifically for the newer audience. 

If you think the proof is in the pudding then, try it for yourself now with 10% off. 


Woven x SPIRIT.ED N6 Whisky (£39.95 £35.95)


4. The age of Agave

Last year we saw tequila remain the No.1 growing category in the UK, with 53% volume growth year on year [2]. We don’t expect this to slow down in 2022 and, alongside this growth, we predict Mezcal will be following suit as Tequila’s more smokey and sophisticated cousin.

Growth in this category will predominantly come from premiumisation, with more people taking interest in the diversification of flavour profiles and the creators' story. With 62% of bartenders telling us tequila is their No.1 trending spirit [3], it is clear we are all are enjoying this spirit in more ways than ever before - both in bars and at home. 

One of our favourites at SPIRIT.ED El Rayo, both delicious to sip and beautiful to look at, enjoy 10% off to kick start your 2022 journey with Agave.

El Rayo

El Rayo Reposado (£37.95 £34.15)  El Rayo Plato (£34.95 £31.45)


5. Fun-ctional drinks

Brands have spent the last few years selling products based on them being ‘free from’...free from fat, free from sugar, free from alcohol and, in some cases, free from any form of fun and enjoyment that drinks should bring us. 

However, like many cyclical trends they reach a turning point, and in this case we see 2022 as the year of ‘add ons’...added adaptogens, added CBD, added nootropics and, let’s hope, added fun and enjoyment. Since the pandemic began, 29% of us are looking for information on how to improve their mood and anxiety and are leaning on new, more natural ways to treat their mental wellbeing [4]. 

In 2022 we see CBD drinks (in all their forms) as a key growth driver for this trend, bringing clarity, calm and focus to drinkers at any time of day. Why not dip your toe into CBD by adding one of INTUNE’s range of mixers (Tonic, Lemon or Ginger) to your favourite at home serves. 

As an added incentive we have given you 10% off the whole range of INTUNE mixers.


INTUNE Lemon (£18.60 £16.74)         INTUNE Tonic (£18.60 £16.74)              INTUNE Ginger (£18.60 £16.74)


6. Time to cut back

The no & low alcohol category has certainly come a long way in the last decade and the range is now a far cry from when J20 first hit the scene all those years ago. With 58% of people now drinking more low & no vs. last year, people are on the lookout for new and delicious tipples to see them through 2022 [5]. 

We will see further diversification in the category, with new flavour profiles that aren’t just 0% ABV replicas of gin, but liquids that hold their own and forge a new sub-category.

It is also important to not forget about the ‘low but not totally no’ category, where we will continue to see some exciting innovation in and around the 10-20% ABV range. Drinkers will be looking to swap out full proof spirits with innovative alternatives like the Indian aperitif Sollasa and tonic as well as look to more traditional liquids to sip on, like a Vermouth & tonic. Allowing them to join in the party but not jump in with both feet! 

Why not give something low a try and enjoy 4 free tonics with every bottle of Sollasa purchased.


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