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Are you tea party ready?


G&T, G&T…. G&Tea. Eureka! We knew there was a way to make gin even more fun. There’s something endlessly whimsical about serving gin in a teapot - it’s like being your very own version of the Mad Hatter. So why not share a little whimsical madness with friends and family and host your own personal G&Tea party with Hendrick’s




First things first - you’re going to need some gin. Since it’s a party, probably a lot of it. You want something tasty, something tantalising, something that's tea-ming with class. Thankfully you can pick up a lot of delicious gin and a teapot in just one click (*wink wink nudge nudge)!


Gin’s sorted, pot's at the ready, it’s time to mix up a tea-riffic brew. Add the gin of your choice, a splash of tonic, and to turn up the tea vibes try adding a couple bags of Earl Grey and leaving your brew in the fridge to steep for a while. It’ll add a subtle flavour your guests will go mad for. 


Next location, decorations, snacks. Whether you’re hosting in the park, the garden or even the living room floor, there’s nothing more tea party than a picnic blanket. It’s the key to a tea party, without a blanket you’re drinking on the ground - now that really would be mad! 


For decorations make sure your teacups are beautiful, decor that you can drink from, perfect! Then sling up some of that gorgeous Hendrick’s bunting you received with your bottles and teapot (*wink wink nudge nudge again) and you’re ready to go.


Then it’s time to sort the snacks. We suggest finger sandwiches; they’re really only normal sandwiches chopped into little bits, so make 2 big ones, cut them up and it’ll look like eight - less work, more time for gin.




And that’s about it, you can experiment with different tea infusions or simply enjoy the delicious botanical flavours of Hendrick’s, but above all else, embrace the whimsy and have fun. G&Tea… it’s entirely bonkers, but we’ll tell you a secret - all the best things are.



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