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Behind the Bottle: VITA Vodka


When Life gives you Lemons…

Triple-distilled using premium rye from Southern Italy, plus natural lemon peel and natural lemon juice from the Med coast, Madrid-Based Vita is one citric force of nature. With a  recipe that took 18 months to perfect, Vita is gloriously sugar-free, and its ‘exceptionally low mineral content’, provides the perfect base for one to sip (virtually) guilt-free.

Behind all this is the forward-thinking Víctor Ruiz Lafita, who when travelling in England, found vodka sodas in London bars ‘unpleasant-tasting’, prompting the creation of Vita.

It’s a pretty smart idea, really. Some 27% of Britons are drinking more low-no ABV drinks, compared to a few years ago, and health-conscious millennials in particular are seeking out slimline, low-cal thirst-quenchers, such as the humble vodka soda. You might even be one of them.

The VITA Lifestyle

Full of VITAlity

Think Vita, think carefree summer days on Mediterranean shores, flying kites and sipping on vita sodas in 30 degree heat. Fun, wholesome, good clean fun. Basically, it’s the lifestyle we’ve all been dreaming of since last year’s heatwave finally surrendered. So, I guess unsurprisingly, Victor wants us to live life to the fullest. Yes, booze isn’t healthy. But if you can stay more hydrated with a low-calorie vodka serve that uses natural, organic ingredients, all the power to ya.

The first vodka designed to be mixed with water

As a dedicated vodka soda drinker myself, I must say that Vita’s citrus tang makes for a more interesting taste (alleviating the ennui that often occurs when sipping my fourth glass). In fact, still and sparking water are the recommended mixers- not only to balance the dehydration caused by drinking, but to allow flavours to fully shine. So forget the fun mixer-FOMO, coke really isn’t the answer here. You can avoid additives and sugars with ease - a refreshing thought in more ways than one.

Some cool recipes

Vita and Soda

Just top 50ml of VITA with 200ml sparkling water + a lemon slice for added tang.

Viva la VITA

Crush blueberries and raspberries into 35ml of pure VITA, splash with large ice cubes and top with cranberry juice and sparkling water. Add crashed ice, and top with Mint Leaves and a Lemon Twist to boost its freshness.  


50ml of VITA, 30ml of Mezcal (first Verdoni prepared with Mezcal Amores), 25ml of fresh lime juice, 20ml of Agave sirope, 25ml of organic apple purée, egg white (only organic eggs) and fresh mint.

VITA Cocktails