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Champagne Taittinger


“Having our family name on every bottle is our signature, it is a big responsibility”, says President Vitalie Taittinger.


But it’s a responsibility and a tradition very much cherished by the sister and brother team, Vitalie and Clovis, who last year took over the reins of the world renowned Taittinger House from their father, Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger.


Taittinger truly is a family affair. For nearly a century the champagne house has been managed by the Taittinger family and the pursuit of excellence and fine winemaking has been passed through the generations. When Vitalie and Clovis became the new custodians in early 2020 they recognised the importance of honouring the house’s illustrious past whilst steering the company into a new era.





Right in the heart of the renowned Champagne region, sits Taittinger House which dates back to 1734. The Taittinger family acquired the house in 1931 when Pierre Taittinger, Vitalie and Clovis’ great grandfather, discovered it while serving in the Champagne region during the first world war. Pierre fell in love with the property and vowed that if he saw the end of the war, he would return and build it into something extraordinary, and thankfully he did just that.


Taittinger is based in Reims, the unofficial capital of the Champagne wine-growing region, and over the years the estate has grown to amass a vineyard of 288 hectares. With two environmental accreditations, Taittinger ensures they go the extra mile (or hectare!) to ensure they are using sustainable initiatives across their vast vineyards and throughout their processes.




The hallmark of Taittinger champagnes is the high percentage of chardonnay used in their winemaking and this chardonnay dominance instils an elegance and delicacy which is recognised worldwide.


Following 31DOVER’s recent partnership with Hatch Mansfield, Taittinger has graced our wine cellar. Vibrant and sophisticated in flavour and striking in colour, Taittinger Prestige is a benchmark for champagne. 


Their champagne is perfect for any celebratory occasion and with the Taittinger name on every bottle, quality and taste are assured.

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