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Cocktails: Mai Tai


In 1934, Victor Jules Bergeron, or Trader Vic as he became known, opened his first restaurant in Oakland, San Francisco. The story goes that one evening in 1944, Vic was testing a new drink on two friends from Tahiti, one of them, after taking the first sip is said to have exclaimed "mai tai-roa ae", which in Tahitian means 'out of this world - the best!', and there is was, the name of the concoction. 



  • 60ml Jamaican Rum
  • 12.5ml Triple Sec
  • 7.5ml Orgeat
  • 7.5ml Sugar syrup
  • 22.5ml Fresh lime juice


How To

Add all ingredients, lime juice first, into a Mai Tai glass full of crushed ice. Give it a stir and add more crushed ice until the glass is full. Garnish with a lime wedge and mint.