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Discarded, from waste to great taste


Discarded have a simple philosophy - what is wasted today can be treasured tomorrow. They reuse traditionally discarded resources to create delicious tasting drinks with a sustainable story. 

70% of food and drink waste is avoidable and Discarded is on a mission to fight this. Through creative techniques, not only are they taking a progressive step towards challenging needless waste, but are also discovering new flavours and bringing back to life redundant ingredients. This is showcased in Discarded’s sustainable and delicious line up of bottles, the Grape Skin Vodka, Banana Peel Rum and the Sweet Cascara Vermouth. 


The Grape Skin Vodka

With winemaking comes waste, but Discarded gives these leftover ingredients a new lease of life in their new Grape Skin Vodka

The leftover skins, seeds and stems, otherwise known as pomace is often destroyed following the wine-making process, but is treasured by Discarded, who distill this remnant to form the base of their Grape Skin Vodka. This is then blended with the waste ‘wine alcohol’ created by the process of dealcoholization, giving an infusion of original Chardonnay grape flavour. 

The result is a crisp and unique vodka, with notes of green apple, almond croissant and lychee on the nose, and fruit-forward notes of pear, guava and starfruit on the palate, all with a beautiful pink peppercorn finish. This vodka is packed full of flavour, and sustainable with every sip.



The Banana Peel Rum

Rum is often used to infuse flavour into whisky barrels, and once it reaches a certain time, the whisky-making process no longer needs it. Discarded rescues this rum, and uses it to form the base of their Banana Peel Rum.

The aged-base rum is then blended with banana peel, which would otherwise be disposed of. This extract provides a fresh toffee flavour with a fruity balance, contributing to an overall complex and well balanced rum.

Find notes of warm banana bread, treacle, dried fruit, toasted cinnamon and rich butterscotch on the nose. The palate has rich flavours of banoffee pie and sticky toffee pudding, all with a milk chocolate raisins and crystallized ginger finish. Well rounded and infused with warming spices, the Banana Peel Rum is seriously appealing.



The Sweet Cascara Vermouth

Another cask cast off is the fortified wine, which is used to flavour casks in the final stages of malt whisky maturation. Discarded saves the fortified wine from destruction and uses it as the base to their vermouth.

Cascara is the fruit left over from coffee production and the coffee industry is responsible for wasting tonnes upon tonnes of cascara every year. Discarded repurposes the cascara, blending it with the rescued cask fortified wine, to create a rich and fruity vermouth.

Find bright notes of cherry, rich cacao nibs, roasted coffee, merlot, candied figs and cinnamon on the nose. On the palate, this vermouth has fruit forward damson jam and cherry flavours, with further notes of dark chocolate and roasted coffee, all with dry red wine and peppery spiced finish. 

It is a truly versatile vermouth with a balance of sweet and bitter notes which makes it perfect with tonic and ice, or punchy when mixed into a cocktail.



Discarded is proving that through creativity, expert flavour combinations and a commitment to sustainability, what was once seen as waste can be bottled up into a whole new treasure.