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Get Glastonboozy with our Classy Cans


Glastonbury is finally (almost) here. The line-up looks great and the weather looks FABULOUS.

It’s a time for exploration. Upcoming bands. Secret gigs. Ribbon Tower viewings. Let’s face it, new friends when you inevitably lose your existing ones. And with the impressive, ever-changing list of fun stuff to do in those four days, it almost seems like the music could take a back-seat. Almost.

Given the current environmental climate and you know, safety, it’ll be years & years before Glastonbury allow glass bottles on-site. But GONE are the days of filling your empty squash bottles with the assortment of leftovers on your home bar.

Glastonbury is one of the few festivals that permit you to bring your own drink - as long as the amount is ‘reasonable’ - although I’m not sure how they’d judge that. And while it’s true that you can’t go wrong with what you know (a beer or a slimline G+T), I thought I’d bring some alternatives centre stage. No copycats here! 

This year, we’re looking at the cans that’ll see you through your festival; whether you’re into wine, pimms - or indeed a humble G&T.


There's a can for that...



Sounds like band itself, doesn’t it? But after just a wee glance at these cans, you’ll know you can leave the punk to the Cure. Ace + Freak’s premixed cocktails are for a generation of drinkers that give AF about what they drink.

Available as a Mint & Elderflower Spritz or as a Ginger & Lemongrass Mule, they’re sustainably-produced, contain zero ‘nasty stuff’ and are made with fresh juice. In the humble words of Lizzo, ‘the juice aint worth the squeeze if the juice don’t look like this’.


For those times when wine is essential, glasses are now optional, thanks to Nice’s Canned Wines. Canned wine might make you skeptical, but Nice’s small range is as premium as it is pretty. Take your pick between rosé or white. If you have an ice box, these’ll taste even better - but the cans are literally “Wine for Whenever’, so go forth and sip to your heart's content (responsibly, ofc).


We can’t stop - no, we WON’T stop - drinking G&Ts because of a little glassware rule. Plus, there’s a can for that. Crack open a G&T from a case of Sipsmith’s citrus-forward ‘Sensationally Sippable’ cans (also available with light tonic). OR go for Chapel Down’s grape-based G&Ts for something with more pizazz. They’ll have you feeling cooler than King Princess’s live rendition of ‘Talia’ (honestly, I’m so jealous and I wish I was going).


As soon as the sun’s out, we Brits can’t stop, won’t stop, thinking about Pimms. British summertime days and Pimms go together like Christine and the Queens - and you can get ‘Tilted’ with class thanks to this can right here. I mean, nothing really beats the iconic summertime smell and taste of it when you’re spinning around to Kylie’s set.


Can’t decide? We get it - you’re only human. Explore our Picnic Pack and try them all! Simply look out for the bundle option on any the 'related product' pages listed below.

Raise a can to one of the biggest festivals of the year - and stay safe. Look out for yourself and for others and of course, drink responsibly!