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Go Hard or Go Home


Hard seltzer - the coolest thing you’ve never heard of. It’s been making refreshing waves in the USA for a couple of years, and now it’s cold, it’s crisp, and it’s over here.

It’s essentially sparkling water with natural or super-low-sugar flavours added, plus a small but crucial kick of alcohol. Our American friends have fallen for it, well, hard; so much so that major brands over there have been selling out faster than they can produce it. But what’s the big attraction? 

Firstly it’s very low in sugar and carbs. After the sugar focus of recent years, most of us are a bit more careful now when it comes to the sweeter stuff - and if you can get a fruity hit with no resulting sugar-crash, that’s a big win. Secondly, it’s pretty low in alcohol too - with many beers now regularly hitting 6 or 7%, a lowly 4% for a sparkling treat is much more manageable if you enjoy a drink but don’t want to feel it the morning after. Third - the flavours! Using natural and fruit ingredients opens up the full range of possibilities, it’s basically a custom made sparkling cocktail in a can. And did we mention those cans? They look as cool as they taste.

So where can you get your lips round this delicious deal in the UK? Enter DRTY Drinks, the stylish solution to your hard seltzer hitch. They ferment all-natural fruit that ends up carb-free (or, to quote their tech specs, “simple sugars found in fruits like apples with high attenuation yeast to create a dry alcoholic beverage with no residual carbohydrates“), take refreshing sparkling water, then add more of that gorgeous fruit to boost up the final fresh flavour. 

Choose their Raspberry Rosé, made with raspberries, hibiscus and rose water, to create a light, elegant take on sparkling rosé wine that you can pour out and sip all year round. Or try their White Citrus flavour - a combo of white grapefruit and limes for an altogether zingy and zesty experience.

Add a can or a six pack to your basket, and get DRTY this weekend.