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Health-Packing Cocktails

What's a 'healthy cocktail', a term that everyone's banding about at the mo? It is booze in juice. The more complicated the concoction (of juices or booze or both), the more cocktaily it becomes.

The nation is loving experimenting with blending and juicing different fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and even nuts together, creating delicious healthy potions. Green juice and cold-pressed juice are now well-worn expressions, and people no longer think twice before adding some kale, cucumber, ginger and mint to the apples in their juicer.

Smoked Mary Cocktail

Bloody Mary cocktail, with extra beetroot and Chase Smoked Vodka

Meanwhile, cocktail exploration is showing no signs of slowing down, and one of the biggest cocktail trends is healthy cocktails. Another that's just on its way in is savoury cocktails. These seem to tie in beautifully with all that juice.

We all know that fruit, veg, herbs and spices are good for you, and that alcohol in moderation is healthy. So, to all those people asking "it is possible to have a healthy cocktail?", the answer is "yes - obviously". The combo of juice and booze only gets unheathly if you drink anything (e.g. alcohol or sugary fruit juice) in excess. The fact that the antioxidants in things that grow help fight the effects of poisons (e.g. alcohol) on our bodies, means that at least if you drink too much in healthy cocktails it's not quite as bad as if you weren't also imbibing some of your 7 a day at the same time.

Green Juice Cocktail

Green juice, lime & tequila

Just as with juice, experiment with flavours and any medicinal needs you have (ginger and mint help with nausea, for example), along with spirits and liqueurs that would match.

Instead of a Bloody Mary, what about a full-on gazpacho chilled soup, made from whizzed-up fresh tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and optional parsley and basil? Instead of neutral Vodka, why not try a herby Gin, such as Burleigh's?

Gazpacho & Gin

Is gazpacho + alcohol good for you? YES. Obviously.

If you're keen on smoothies made with frozen berries for brekkie, why not turn this into a lovely cocktail in the evening? Add a spirit or two, or a fragrant Liqueur like rose-flavoured Lanique or The Bitter Truth's Violet Liqueur? Or what about peach or mango with Elderflower Liqueur and a spritz of Sparkling Wine? Green juice, lime and Tequila? Orange, carrot and ginger with Whisky or Rum? Pineapple, coconut and Rum? Oh wait, that's a Piña Colada.