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How To: Drinking Etiquette


So, you've got your table etiquette down to an art. You're sipping soup like a pro and holding your knife and fork like a King, but just because you a know thing or two about table manners doesn't mean that you're ready to run with the big dogs - no siree. Not with the Royal Wedding right around the corner!

Before you even attempt to go to any celebrations this Saturday, you better brush up on your drinking etiquette. After all, nothing says 'unrefined' like swigging from the bottle while dancing on the table to Spotify's Disney Princess playlist.

Lucky for you, we've got your back. Just follow these 10 etiquette rules and you'll be smashing down drinks like a Windsor in no time!


Rule #1 - Don't smash down drinks like a Windsor...



Also known as pacing yourself, this refers to both eating AND drinking. As a rule of thumb, try to drink at your hosts pace - at least that way if you end up getting blind drunk, they will be too!


Rule #2 - Never tilt your head back while drinking



We know that it may seem like a crime not to finish that last pesky bit of booze at the bottom of your glass, but trust us when we say that nobody wants to see you stumbling around when you inevitably get a cocktail stick in your eye.


Rule #3 - Don't eat the garnishes



Speaking of cocktails, please fight the urge to eat the garnishes. They're decoration. Not appetizers.


Rule #4 - Hard alcohol should not be enjoyed with food



Spirits are strictly reserved for pre-dinner and post-dinner drinking. We understand your love for Mojitos, but they're not exactly 'fine dining'. Stick to wine instead.


Rule #5 - Use your glasses in right order



Thankfully, the glasses on the table should be arranged in a helpful order. The glass closest to you should be used first, while the glass that is furthest away from you will be used last. Simple!


Rule #6 - Hold your glass correctly



Ah, not so simple. All the glasses at a table should be stemmed glasses. When you hold a stemmed glass remember to hold them from the top of the stem, rather than from the bowl. Not only does this stop your hot hands heating up the liquid inside (thus changing the flavour) but it also makes it look like you only drink wine on special occasions, not literally all the time... like you actually do.


Rule #7 - Don't drink with your mouth full


This one should go without saying. Just because they told you that the Sirah goes well with the steak doesn't mean you need to shovel them both into your mouth at the same time.



Also, always remember to place your utensils down on your dinner plate (pause position) before you take a drink - and if you don't know what a pause position is then you have bigger things to worry about!


Rule #8 -Don't stain your glass with food



It's probably best if you don't save a 'second helping' on the side of your glass for everyone to see. Instead, wipe your lips delicately with a napkin to clean any food or sauce before taking a sip of your drink.


Rule #9 - Don't ask to be topped up


This isn't Oliver Twist, people! This is a dinner party. Good manners are key. A general rule of thumb to go by is whether or not the wine decanter or bottle is left on the table. If it is then it's a sign from the host that guests are free to help themselves - Hooray!



If it is on the side board, however, then it means that the host is in charge of topping everyone up. If this is the case, do not ask for more wine. Hopefully, the host will see you entering the early stages of alcohol withdrawal and top you up.


Rule #10 - If ever in doubt, copy everyone else



Hey, you can't be expected to remember everything! If you're ever in doubt, just pick out the fanciest toff and copy them. It worked for Meghan Markle, it'll work for you!