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Introducing ADRIATICO


Meet ADRIATICO, an amaretto which has recently arrived from Puglia in Italy, and have cleverly re-invented the traditional amaretto liqueur by sourcing quality almonds and dialling down on the sugar. 

When founder Jean-Robert Bellanger’s mother made her famous tiramisu, he was in awe of the delicious liqueur used to create this special treat. Thus, years later ADRIATICO was born, with the intention to craft a modern amaretto using quality almonds from Puglia, ensuring there was true Italian essence at the very heart of the liquid.

ADRIATICO is crafted with Flippo Cea almonds, which are hand picked, roasted and then distilled in Puglia. Cinnamon, coffee, cocoa and a pinch of Adriatic sea salt are added to create an amaretto with a complex flavour profile, as well as raw cane sugar, but half as much as other traditional amarettos. All ingredients are sourced from within Italy and the star of the show the almonds, from Puglia specifically, as well as the distilling and bottling processes. ADRIATICO is proudly Puglian.


A versatile liqueur, ADRIATICO is delicious neat on the rocks with a twist of lime, added to a dessert or mixed into a cocktail. The terrific godfather, half bourbon and half ADRIATICO has quite the kick, or the classic cocktail, the amaretto sour made with ADRIATICO, lime, bourbon and shaken with an egg white, is unusual yet a sipping sensation.

ADRIATICO has two variations to their luscious amaretto liqueur, The Roasted and The Bianco.


The Roasted


Complex with an aromatic flavour profile, the Roasted is distilled with almonds from Puglia and uses half as much sugar as your everyday off the shelf amaretto, which allows the flavours of coffee, cocoa and cinnamon and a pinch of sea salt to really shine through. 


The Bianco


An alternative to the more traditional amaretto, the Bianco is silky and smooth and simply exquisite. Using crushed white "Filippo cea" almonds from Puglia, this white liqueur has strong notes of vanilla and is a bit like boozy almond milk. Try with lime juice on rocks, or paired with a spirit for an extra kick. Try with lime juice on rocks, or paired with a spirit for an extra kick.

In a nutshell, ADRIATICO has changed amaretto as we know it.


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