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Raising Eyebrows with Lowbrow Rosé Pairings



Here’s the scene. You’re on holiday in Provence. The weather is perfect. The sun is setting. You’re with some of your favourite people taking it all in when one of them pops open a bottle of rosé. You know what’s missing? A big bag of crisps.

A similar scenario might find you relaxing in your garden with your best mates, grilling burgers and sausages, bobbing your head to your preferred summer playlist but just not having your thirst quenched quite as readily as you’d like. Lager just doesn’t cut it. White wines are too pert and the reds too ponderous. You should have put a bottle of rosé in the fridge hours ago.

I could go on. But I think I’ve made my point. It pays to think pink when shopping for sunny day refreshments to drink with easygoing eats. Relegated to its own odd corner of way too naff for a certain set of folks and far too hoity-toity for others, rosé wine is often overlooked as an ideal option for all sorts of laidback occasions. Fact is these people are missing out. Rosé goes great with all sorts of grub – and is usually nicely priced for affordable foodie fun.

Some considerations for your summertime sharing:



Netflix and a Chilled Bottle of Rosé

Binging on a new series while tucking into a bowl of popcorn? Or maybe you’re chowing down on some extra saucy pasta as you settle in for your weekly at-home movie night? Fruity and smooth with a long lasting finish, Cloud Chaser Côtes de Provence Rosé should come in handy as a flavoursome companion. It’s a smart quaff to keep in mind for outdoor dining as well, holding its own next to roasted and grilled meats and fish.



Crowd Pleaser with Character

A surefire crowd-pleaser that still has depth of character is Domaine Triennes Rose Mediterranee 2017. It’s bright and summery with a vanilla nose, pomegranate profile and slight minerality, which I reckon that adds up to an awesome wash down with a mighty stack of lamb chops. But with just about anything you plan to eat, this dry rosé should work fairly well.



What You’re Having

Inexpensive for most budgets and inoffensive to even the most particular palates, Mirabeau Rosé is a trustworthy wine for casual al fresco affairs. Whatever you’re eating – nibbles, pizza, BBQ – this balanced and fresh pale pink rosé is a wise choice for your next impromptu gathering. Just make sure it’s chilled.



A Fizzy Surprise with our Burger and Fries

Believe or not, a glass of fruit-forward Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial Champagne is a more than perfunctory perk up for a plate of chips, enhancing the chips’ salty fatty flavours with gusto. If you like a cherry soda with our burger, you’ll love this quaff as a sidekick too. And with its prominent notes of strawberry, raspberry and cherry, it’s amazing with a giant slice of pie (with a scoop of ice cream of course). Not just for fancy pre and post dinner drinks, a quality rosé Champagne is wonderful to drink throughout a meal and can bring bounteous flavour to many of the foods that you crave most.


More Fantastic Combos

In general, rosé Champagnes and fatty foods make a fantastic combo. These colourful sparkling wines do delicious justice to cold cuts (and visa versa); they amplify the oomph of fish and chips; and they won’t interfere with any cheeseboard oohing and ahhing. Ruinart’s Brut Rosé Champagne is an especially muscular drink to keep in mind for libations to complement a mega sarnie, fried feast, or cheesy snacking.




Chill Out

Yes, rosé is a prime wine for laidback summer fun. Why it gets all mixed up with chichi froufrou trappings is beyond me. I could say the same for why some people just refuse to even consider having it. Wine should be about having a good time, right? More often than not, when the weather’s fine and spirits are merry, a rosé does the trick as well or better than any red or white could.


For you next summer food and drink session, grab a bottle or two of rosé and see how well it goes down with your guests. Odds are you’ll impress them and you’ll wish you’d picked up a few more bottles.


Written by Chris Osburn in association with his award-winning food, drink and travel blog tikichris.com.