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Shaken From Ice & Fire - Game of Thrones Cocktails


The Maesters of gin down in London's very own West(eros), Portobello Road, have spent The Winter creating a cocktail list fit for Night King. Created in the spirit of Robert Baratheon (less the early grave part) and prepared with ingredients and served in vessels that would impress even The Queen of Thorns herself, these delicious drinks will suit every palate in your seven kingdoms.  These will work perfectly at your viewing party come Monday and celebrate the return of Game of Thrones all through the Night('s Watch) - as all men must drink, or pay the Iron Price.  But if you see them served at a wedding, well run the other way. 




Valar Morghulis

50mls Portobello Road Gin

3 dashes of Absinthe

20mls lemon juice

100mls tonic water

Sprig of rosemary, sprig of lavender to garnish

Shake all the ingredients except the tonic and double strain into a drinking horn packed with crushed ice. Top with the tonic water. How to serve? Dripping with blood on a bed of broken flowers, of course.



Winter Is Coming

50mls Portobello Road Gin Navy Strength

12.5mls Manly Spirits Limoncello

25mls Grand Marnier

Juniper berries, cassia bark & nutmeg

Set alight, toss from flaming cup to flaming cup and then fling into a large warmed brandy balloon and serve with a flame bright enough to keep a White Walker at bay.



Kissed By Fire

50mls Portobello Road Gin

200mls tomato juice

One bottle of dark ale

Whole egg

Pinch of cayenne pepper

A Generous slug of Tabasco Sauce

Pour the mixture from one cup to the next with a little crushed ice and then strain the whole thing into a blown dragon egg and serve on a bed of fire.



The Lion & The Rose

35mls Portobello Road Gin

25mls Sauternes wine

1 spoon Rose’s lime marmalade

1 individual drop of rose water

20mls egg white

Shake & strain into a Dragon goblet and garnish with a rose.



Mother's Mercy

25mls Portobello Road Gin

17.5mls crème de cacao blanc

2 scoops vanilla ice cream

25mls full fat milk

12.5mls Cocchi Americano

Blend the whole lot with a little ice and then pour into a pomegranate-molasses ‘blood stained’ milk bottle.



So crack open your drinks cabinet, send your King's Guard off to find you some vessels and get shaking. If you give them a go, send us some pictures!

Photos courtesy of Portobello Road Gin.