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Spirit Tales - Abelha Organic Cachaa

Abelha Organic Cachaça is made in the beautiful mining town of Rio de Contas, among the hills and valleys of the Chapada Diamantina National Park.

Marcos Vaccaro oversees production, and lives in a tree house on the idyllic farm estate. He has a waterfall, natural pools and a fruit forest in his back garden! Marcos recycles all the by-products from Cachaça production, including the ethanol from distillation, which powers his car.

Marcos Vaccaro

Marcos Vaccaro in the farm shop, which sells Abelho as well as the estate honey

Locally grown organic sugar cane is fermented, then Marcos distills the 'Cachaça wine' in a traditional copper pot still, with a final slight dilution by water from natural aquifers that have filtered through the diamond-rich soil. The Cachaça is then rested for six months, before bottling and the long journey to your home bar. The roads to the distant port and awaiting cargo ship are terrible!

Sugar Cane CuttersAbelha's sugar cane cutters

Abelha Cachaça is ideal in the classic Caipirinha Cocktail - the national drink of Brazil - but is also fantastic in any other cocktail in place of White Rum (Cachaça is like rum only much more fragrant, as it's made with fresh sugar cane juice rather than molasses). Or get creative and try it out with all sorts of juices, herbs and spices; we love their Peach Batida, with peach juice, lime juice and condensed milk shaken with plenty of Abelha and crushed ice.

Watch Abelha Organic Cachaça's Kixxxology video, below, in which mixing a Caipirinha takes teamwork...

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