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Spirit Tales - Burleighs London Dry Gin

Burleighs Gin


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This is a very nice photo of Burleighs and its botanicals, but it doesn't convey the fresh, intensely aromatic experience of this gin. It's full of pine, eucalyptus, citrus and woody herbs. In fact, the ingredients were inspired by a woodland walk, and drinking the Gin, you'd expect the ingredients to look a lot greener!

 So, here's the story....

 While walking through the beautiful Burleigh Wood nature reserve adjacent to the distillery, Master Distiller Jamie Baxter came across silver birch, dandelion, burdock, elderberry and iris. Although some of the botanicals used in Burleighs London Dry Gin remain a secret, those found in Burleigh Wood inspired the recipe, and from the ancient natural woodland site Burleighs Gin was born.

Quite unusual botanicals aren't they?


Burleighs Gin

Burleighs served with Fever-Tree Tonic Water, ice and an orange wedge


This gin is powerfully aromatic. Its scents are crisp and fresh with piney eucalyptus, fragrant citrus and woody herbs like rosemary, sage, thyme and lavender. It's like walking through rosemary and sage after rain. Really wonderful and totally unique.



Burleighs has big, robust flavours with an initial hit of dry juniper followed by pine, eucalyptus and citrus. It also has spicy and floral notes.



Flavours linger for ages, with Parma violet and more pine and eucalyptus along with a warming, dry pepperiness.





Burleighs have started running all sorts of intriguing events and masterclasses, including tastings, cocktail workshops, distillery tours (on which you can see their beautiful copper still in action), talks by Jamie Baxter and even distilling masterclasses at their new distillation lab - each student gets their own mini-still and chooses the botanicals for creating their own Gin. Naturally, the 31 DOVER team are keen to attend some of these events and will be reporting back on them. Watch this space for reviews, vlogs and more...



Jamie Baxter says that every still has its own personality, and named the Burleighs one Messy Bessy. She's very hard-working, apparently, and in use almost every day.


Jamie Baxter

Jamie Baxter with Messy Bessy


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UPDATE: Brilliant new video interview with Jamie Baxter, below. So interesting and informative!


Burleighs Gin from BackBar on Vimeo.