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Spirit Tales - Smatt's Jamaican Rum

Our Smatt's Jamaican Rum has quite a heritage...

Ashley Smatt (descendent of a rum-loving pirate – more on that shortly) was given a secret rum recipe by soon-to-retire Jamaican Master Distiller, Derrick Dunn. The resulting rum is produced in an historic distillery, surrounded by Jamaica's soaring mountains and sugar cane fields, and fed by mineral springs.

Sugar Cane & Mountain

Jamaican sugar cane fields surrounded by mountains

The distillery itself has been producing rum for hundreds of years, during which production has evolved into unique processes that have resulted in these exceptionally smooth Rums. Methods include combining spirits from distillation in both column and traditional copper stills, before ageing in oak barrels under the Caribbean sun.

So, back to the pirate story: Jack Smatt was a Mediterranean merchant trader who arrived in Jamaica in around 1660 to seek his fortune. He became a privateer (paid by authorities to attack enemy ships), before pursuing a career as one of the most infamous pirates to sail the Caribbean seas, complete with swashbuckling traits such as being adored by women and feared by the establishment. He became known as Black Jack Smatt, ruthlessly plundering Spanish ships carrying treasure to America, and developed a notorious reputation in Jamaica not only as a rogue, but as a serious Rum lover. He even created his own highly sought-after Rum blend, and the family tradition lives on to this day in Smatt’s Rum.

Both Smatt's Rums are outstanding in a Mai Tai cocktail.

Smatt's Rums