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Spotlight on: The Tidal Rum


To celebrate this December’s Full Moon, we’re launching Tidal Rum. The first rum to come out of The Channel Islands, and a truly perfect spirit. Read on to find out more about the liquid the creators themselves! Take it away Tidal:

“The moon's gravitational pull generates tidal force. Tidal force causes the Earth - and its water - to bulge out on the side closest to the Moon. 

Among other things, the power of the Moon influences sleeping patterns around the world as it’s gravitational pull creates an imbalance affecting life each month. 

This same tidal force has, over thousands of years, carved out the unique landscape from which Tidal Rum derives its flavour. A blend of Golden Rums from the Carribean Islands infused with locally foraged Pepper Dulse from the exposed tidal shorelines in Jersey. Pepper Dulse, AKA the Truffle of the Sea, can only be found on the largest tides of the stormy winter months. 

The sea is naturally dangerous but we love to be out on the reefs experiencing their ephemeral beauty. We created Tidal Rum because we love the Jersey coastline and often spend days out on the lunar landscape of the seabed. We want to connect this place to people and share that sense of limitless beauty and danger. Rum has a strong history with adventure, the sea and islands - it’s a perfect tidal fit.”

Produced by Jersey-based Shorts Boy Distillery (SBD), Tidal is a golden marine botanical infused rum which captures the distinctive maritime flavours of Jersey.

Tidal Rum is Island born and as the first rum to come out of Jersey it seeks to reflect the power of the tide on island living.  A counter balance to the tempestuous beauty of the extreme winter tides on Jersey from which they forage the Pepper Dulse. 

Tidal is the perfect winter warmer this Christmas, a drink for the end of a long week, the start of a night of adventure, to share with friends or to warm the soul. Best served on the rocks or as a “Tidal”; 50 ml of Tidal Rum topped with Soda and fresh Lime. 

Its smooth, oak finished, wholesome flavour warms, replenishes and evokes memories of the seaboard - reminding you of what life is all about.