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The Gin & Tonic is Dead: Long live Vermouth & Tonic!



The Gin & Tonic is dead: Long live Vermouth & Tonic!

There's a new summer serve that's quietly making itself known across the nation.


Sipped at pop-up rooftop bars, at river-side festivals and this summer's drink of choice for those-in-the-know (including Alice Lascelles - who in our humble opinion is THE voice for the latest convivial tipples) - there's a contender in town looking to take Gin & Tonic's crown.

And it's an unlikely candidate. Enter: Vermouth.

Definitely a drink you’d previously associated with dusty sideboards at your grandma's house (right next to cream sherry and advocaat), Vermouth has had a bit of a rough deal. And unfairly so. Yes, it's great in a Negroni and yes, what is a gin Martini without Vermouth (answer: just gin...), but Vermouth is so much more than a cocktail component.

belsazar rose vermouth and tonic martini

Because Rosé Vermouth and Tonic is the tipple of summer 2016. And if you haven't discovered it yet, then trust us with this one, it's about to revolutionise your drinking habits.

Vermouth, a type of fortified or aromatised wine flavoured with botanicals, can’t have an ABV over 21.9%. It is therefore substantially less alcoholic than Gin (typically between 37-42% ABV) meaning you can sip more, with less guilt.

Belsazar's Rosé Vermouth and Tonic is seriously simple to make, tastes fantastic, and won't get you drunk having only had a couple. It's win-win-win.

To make this refreshingly bitter shell-pink sundowner, simply add 75ml vermouth over ice and top up with 50ml of tonic. We'd recommend 1724 as the perfect partner.

Belsazar's Rosé Spritz a.k.a Vermouth & Tonic

Ingredients 75ml Belsazar Rosé Vermouth 50ml 1724 tonic

Method Combine ingredients over ice in either a rocks glass or large wine glass. Garnish with a grapefruit or orange slice.

belsazar rose vermouth and tonic cocktailbelsazar rose vermouth and tonic recipebelsazar rose vermouth and tonic


Belsazar differs from other vermouths in that it uses high quality wines as its base; the Rosé is made from Pinot Noir grapes. Zesty, fresh and light, with tonnes of summer fruit acidity and vermouth’s typical bitter-sweetness, the 1724 tonic harmonizes with this perfectly.

Switch up your Gin & Tonic and join the revolution today...

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