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The Rise of the Gin-preneurs


The arrival of yet another sumptuous boutique gin, Tarquin’s Pink Grapefruit and Elderflower, has got us thinking about how proud we are to be a part of the gin revolution.

The world of gin is booming - last year sales soared to a whopping £3 billion and saw over 83 million bottles fly off UK shelves. Much of this success can be owed to gin-preneurs who started small craft distilleries and have helped change the perception from “just the drink your granny had before dinner” to the drink to be seen with in every bar across the country.

 These craft distilleries pride themselves on their individual distilling processes, ingredient combinations and locality, all of which are tailored to achieve luscious and innovative spins on the classic juniper-based spirit. 

Take Tarquin Leadbetter for example, a young gin-preneur who created a little bit of gin history when he left London back in 2012, and headed to the Cornish coast to launch the west country’s first gin distillery, Southwestern Distillery. 

Fuelled by passion, commitment and a tiny 0.7ltr copper still pot, Tarquin set about developing a truly innovative taste, inspired by Cornwall and grounded in traditional distilling methods. Starting with a completely blank canvas, this young gin-preneur experimented with ingredients from the foraged to the foreign, to create a winning combination of 12 carefully selected botanicals. Within a year he’d sold his first bottle.


Innovation and risk taking is the beating heart of distilling, showcased beautifully by the newest addition to the Tarquin’s range - Tarquin’s Pink Grapefruit and Elderflower. This variation of the brand’s classic Cornish dry gin has notes of fresh pink grapefruit and aromatic elderflower, creating a fresh citrus and flowery flavour with a lingering finish. 

 Here at 31DOVER we’re simply proud as punch to be a part of the gin revolution, especially showing off talents and passion of small craft distilleries like Tarquin’s. 

Trust us, there’s never been a better time to explore the exciting new frontiers of gin and be a part of the gin revolution.


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