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The Secret to Sober October


We’ve all heard of it, but has anyone actually done it? Sober October is kicking off and we think it’s high tide that it didn’t feel so goddamn hard. For those of us out there who enjoy a drink, going sober for a whole month can feel like something of an ocean to cross, but no longer! 

It’s time to take a dip in the delicious waters of Sea Arch, the no alcohol spirit guaranteed to float your boat. Sea Arch is inspired by the soul-restoring sea of the Southwest coast of England, so it probably comes as no surprise that they’ve captured a taste of the sea in their botanicals to create a flavour that’s bright, fresh and full of life. 

Laminaria digita, or sea kelp, grows like forests beneath the water and helps to give Sea Arch a distinctive tang of the sea. Juniper berries add that quintessential dry gin flavour, plus the complex, spicy, herby cardamom brings out citrus flavours and adds a pinch of adventure to the mix.

There’s also flavours of cucumber, grapefruit, blood orange and angelica root working together to give Sea Arch a round complex flavour. These botanicals are all distilled and the alcohol is captured and reused, so there’s minimum waste - now that’ll give you that warm fuzzy feeling in lieu of alcohol. 

For ultimate satisfaction this Sober October we’re recommending a delightfully fresh Sea Arch cocktail.


A refreshing non-alcoholic gin cocktail made with grapefruit, thyme and pomegranate.



50ml Sea Arch

30ml grapefruit juice

Mediterranean tonic

Fresh sprigs of thyme

A handful of pomegranate seeds



Muddle a couple of sprigs of thyme in a cocktail shaker 

Add grapefruit juice, a couple of ice cubes and Sea Arch 

Shake for 30 seconds and strain over ice 

Top with tonic and garnish with a few pomegranate seeds 

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