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Top 3 Drinks For Hot Cross Buns

Tea with toasted, buttered hot cross buns make a pretty perfect combo. But if you're having a hot cross bun as desert, or just fancy something different, give these a go - our top 3 drinks for hot cross buns. What a treat!

1. Sauternes, Reserve AOC, Dulong - Dessert Wine

This luscious wine already has hot cross bun-like flavours in it, including crystallized mandarin, apricot jam and citrus, and is an absolutely ideal partner for them. Although it's a sweet wine, it has enough acidity that it's not overly sweet with the buns - refreshing, fruity and addictive.

Hot Cross Buns, courtesy of parentdish.co.uk

2. Chairman's Reserve Rum

With flavours of raisins, tobacco and hints of spice and wood, this Rum is superb, and a total joy when sipped with a hot cross bun. You won't be able to stop sipping and munching when you've tasted those flavours mingling.

3. Gonzalez Byass Solera 1847 Cream Sherry

With a velvety texture, and a taste like sweet
 raisins and figs, this gorgeous sherry makes a decadently delish match with hot cross buns. Total luxury.

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