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Top Trumps: Fantasy Drinks


Magical Brews to Intergalactic Booze: this Halloween 31Dover.com get their geek-on with a closer look at the very best fantasy drinks from the fictional world.

Countless works of fiction have incorporated the existence of alcoholic beverages into their stories. Whether it's in the form of a beer, cocktail or crazy intergalactic space ale, booze has always served to flesh out a world and create an immersive setting that the audience can understand and relate to.

More importantly, fantasy drinks have helped to shape some of our most beloved fictional characters. James Bond (Vesper), Tyrion Lannister (Westerosi Wine), and Homer Simpson (Duff Beer) are just a few examples of seasoned imbibers that we couldn't - or wouldn't want to - imagine without their favourite beverage in hand.

However, there's always been one big issue facing fictional drinks...

They're fictional.

The result of writers raiding the imaginary liquor cabinets of their minds.

And although we desperately want to try some of these weird and wonderful tipples, we fall at the very first hurdle: their existence (or lack thereof).

In an effort to bring a selection of these fictional beverages within the confines of reality, we decided to delve a little deeper into their stories, creating some fantastic Top Trump-esque cards for your enjoyment.

We've rated the drinks based on their absurdity, coolness and danger levels whilst also answering one important question – just how strong are they?

So, here's our scientifically rigorous inspection of 8 of our favourite fantasy drinks and their approximate ABV’s, from magical brews to intergalactic booze and everything in-between.

(Let us know if we’ve missed anything and other fictional drinks you'd like to see added to this list!)

Top Trumps Fantasy Drinks for Halloween Snake Juice and Black Yukon Sucker PunchTop Trumps Fantasy Drinks for Halloween ButterBeer and Duff BeerTop Trumps Fantasy Drinks for Halloween Romulan Ale and Pan Galactic Gargle BlasterTop Trumps Fantasy Drinks for Halloween Mudder's Milk and Nuka Cola Dark