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Truly Delicious Beer Cocktails

Beer deserves to be the star of cocktails once in a while. Or frequently. Especially as it’s so diverse – the possibilities are both endless and pitifully under-explored. Beer cocktails are particularly well-suited to summer (maybe apart from some heavy Porter-based ones) – tasty, refreshing and so worthwhile. Give them a go!

Some Beer cocktails we won’t include because they’re either very well-known or pretty challenging, ilike Black Velvet, Hangman’s Blood and The Red Eye.

Let us know in ‘Comments’ at the bottom of this page if you’ve invented a genius Beer cocktail. Here are the recipes for our current favourites…

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Mexican Lager & Lime
Cerveza Nicola
White Shandy
Blonde Bloody Mary
Snakebite/ Snakebite & Black
The Rub & Rye
Beer Margarita
Shock Me


Spice up a cold beer with the classic Mexican Michelada cocktail.

cayenne pepper
140ml lime juice
2 drops Tabasco Sauce
2 dashes Worcestershire sauce
1 pinch freshly ground black pepper
1 pinch celery salt
Mexican Lager
lime wedge

Rub the lime wedge along half the rim of a pint glass and dip into a mix of equal parts salt and Cayenne pepper. Add the remaining ingredients to the glass except the beer. Fill with lager and garnish with the lime wedge.

Michelada image from Liquor.com


There are loads of variations on beer with lime and sugar, and beer with lemon and sugar. The lime ones often get a dose of Tequila as well and the lemon versions tend to get Bourbon or Rum added to them. Here’s our simple Mexican Lager & Lime. Use the same quantities for lemon and sugar syrup. If spiking with spirits, use about 50ml.

Bottle of Mexican Lager, chilled
30ml freshly squeezed lime juice
20ml agave nectar

Combine all ingredients in a glass and stir gently before serving. Ice optional.

Mexican Lager & Lime


A kind of beer spritz – very refreshing.

15ml Campari
15ml Vodka
Orange wheel or wedge to garnish

Tip the spirits into any style of glass large enough and gently top up with Peroni. Don’t stir it if you like the swanky graduated colour effect. Garnish and enjoy.

Cerveza Nicola Beer Spritz



Another style of beer cocktail that we see variations of all over the place: Wheat Beer (AKA White Beer, Witbier etc) with cloudy lemonade or alcoholic cloudy lemonade and a citrus garnish. Here’s our favourite combination:

1 Bottle Einstök White Ale
1 Bottle Hooper’s Alcoholic Cloudy Lemonade
Orange slice

Pour the beer into a glass, top up with lemonade (approx. 1/3 lemonade depending on personal taste), and drop the orange into the drink to serve.

White Shandy



Fresh-flavoured, easy-drinking Bloody Mary with Lager.

1 inch piece of cucumber, cubed
4 cherry tomatoes
1 pinch celery salt
1 pinch freshly ground black pepper
2 dashes Worcestershire Sauce
1 dash Tabasco
15ml fresh lime juice
1 basil leaf – optional
60ml Vodka
60ml blonde beer/ lager
1 celery stick

Muddle the cucumber, tomatoes, seasonings and lime juice in a cocktail shaker, add the Vodka, some ice and shake. Strain into a glass over ice, top up with beer, stir, garnish and serve.

Blonde Bloody Mary



The simple mix of Cider and Lager makes a really nice drink! Don’t judge it on your dirty drinking days. The Cider adds fruitiness; the beer stops it being too sweet and contributes a little bitterness and malt. The addition of blackcurrant cordial and ice transforms it into a light, summery cocktail (no need to guzzle in pink-puke-making pintfulls!). Snakebite and black is also known as a Diesel, and if you add a shot of Vodka it becomes a Turbo Diesel. That is dirty drinking though.

In America, a Snakebite is usually Cider at the bottom with Stout on top, which looks …interesting.

Optional blackcurrant cordial and ice
50% Cider
50% Lager

Put cordial and ice into a glass if using, then add the cider and larger. Give it a stir if poss. Stick a herb in it.

Snakebite & Black



There are a few recipes going round for this fabulous Rye Whiskey and Belgian Beer (and beef. Yes, beef.) cocktail, but we’ve gone for the slightly more complex version from Liquor.com – the little additions and attention to detail elevate it from a Boilermaker with a twist into ABSOLUTELY FREAKIN EPIC.

Your favorite barbecue dry rub spice mixture
40ml Bulleit Rye Whiskey
20ml lemon juice
20ml maple syrup
30ml egg white
150ml Pêche Mel beer (or other peach Fruit Beer)
5 drops Barbecue bitters (Angostura or Peychauds will do)
1 strip beef jerky

Rim a pint glass with the dry rub, fill halfway with ice and set aside. Add the Whiskey, lemon juice, maple syrup and egg white to a shaker and fill with ice. Shake vigorously and fine strain into the prepared glass. Top with the beer and bitters, and garnish with beef jerky.

Rub & Rye image from Liquor.com



The one that you can’t resist due to a beer bottle stuck draining into the (usually frozen) drink.

60ml Tequila
30ml freshly squeezed lime juice
30ml Triple Sec
Mexican bottled beer

Or if feeling lazy or making large quantities, substitute the juice and Triple Sec for a ready-made Margarita mix.


Firstly, rum lime wedges around the rims of glasses and dip into salt, or just rim halfway around to give people the option.

You can make a simple (and delicious!) beer margarita by stirring half a bottle of Mexican beer into a glass of regular Margarita (Tequila, lime juice, sugar syrup, Triple Sec and ice, shaken and strained).

Or instead of mixing the beer into the drink, you can turn it into a Mexican Bulldog by flipping a bottle of beer upside down into the glass of Margarita (make sure the glass is large and heavy enough to support the bottle. Or instead of shaking, bung all the Margarita ingredients including ice into a blender, pour the resulting slush into a glass and then upend the beer bottle into the drink, to create a frankly awesome Frozen Mexican Bulldog. It’s all about gravity - as your drink goes down, you simply raise the bottle just enough to let some beer spill into your Margarita. You will need straws to drink Mexican Bulldogs!

Beer Margarita/ Beergarita/ Mexican Bulldog



Craft Beer Consultant Ezra Johnson-Greenough is credited with creating the Caipbeerinha. As with the Beer Margarita this is a beery take on a traditional cocktail. The beer contributes a touch of bitterness, but careful not to add too much or the balance will be out of whack.

2 lime wedges
2 lemon wedges lemon
15ml agave nectar
6 mint leaves
60ml Cachaça
30ml of IPA beer

(Yes, purists, we know mint and lemon shouldn’t be seen anywhere near a real Caipirinha but they suit this corrupted version…)

Muddle the citrus and agave nectar, add mint and Cachaça and shake with ice. Pour into the glass, top with the IPA and serve.



Nobody seems to know where the name came from, but but it's no shock that this combo works a treat.

60ml Brown Ale,
35ml Bourbon
6ml Southern Comfort
6ml maple syrup

Put all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker or mixing glass. Stir the mix gently for 10 seconds and then strain into an Old Fashioned glass and serve.

Shock Me


Simple yet effective, the Boilermaker really hits the spot. Try with different beer styles and different Bourbons. Bourbon’s the classic, but Boilermakers can work with other spirits – we had a good one made with and Ocho Tequila and Czech Lager. Rum and Ale or Porter’s good too.

1 glass Beer
1 shot Bourbon

Tip Bourbon into Beer: Drink.