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With Oddbird, not drinking has never tasted so good


Moa Gürbüzer is on a mission to change the way alcohol is regarded in today’s society. She wants to liberate people to feel free to choose between an alcoholic or alcohol free drink. The result was Oddbird, a range of world class wines, completely liberated from alcohol.


Oddbird uses traditional winemaking techniques, and then matures the wine for 12 months, before carefully removing the alcohol, whilst ensuring the vibrant flavours are retained.

The grape varieties are carefully chosen, and then purposely picked at the right level of maturity to ensure the grape is full of natural flavours. The wine is then aged in barrels for up to a year, allowing the wine to achieve its full potential. Finally, using an innovative and top secret method, the alcohol is removed from the wine, in such a way that the intense flavours and aromas are preserved. 

 By mimicking the traditional methods, using quality ingredients and innovative techniques to remove the alcohol, Oddbird is able to craft wines which are high in quality, and with a distinct and complex taste experience.


From red to white to sparkling, Oddbird is flying the flag for a very welcome new generation of  wines, which ensure that non alcoholic options are seriously attractive.