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World Gin Day 2019 - so what?


So it’s Gin Day… so what?

With new gins are popping up left, right and centre every week, there’s a whole lot to be explored. This is huge especially for all you juniper connoisseurs and enthusiasts out there… But sometimes this can feel like choice overload. I get it. Like where’s the limit?!

Whenever a new spirit comes through our doors, we’ll try it during our weekly Friday afternoon tasting (I know right? The best kind of market research). So I thought I’d do Gin Day a little differently this time.

This week, I’ve been asking around the office and quizzing people on their favourite Gins. Everyone here's got their own tastes and preferences but we have one thought in common: the world of Gin is more vibrant than ever, and our aim is to bring you the coolest distillations out there. And here’s the proof…


Stockholm Branneri Gin

“I actually just bought 3 bottles of this as it’s currently on sale… it’s become my staple gin now - so easy to drink and just delicious!” - Vivianna, Buying Manager

This one is actually a favourite with everyone at 31D HQ! It’s beautifully balanced, delicate and very fresh. Handcrafted in Stockholm’s first ever craft distillery, it’s produced in 200 bottle runs and signed and sealed in-house.


Listoke Gin

“Beautifully floral, with notes of heather evoking rolling green hills, all underpinned by a precise juniper classicism with a gingerbread biscuit finish. A gin for adventurous purists. - Ashika, Head of Buying

This Irish Gin was one of the very first bottles we sent out to our Gin Club - and our subscribers loved the clarity in its flavour. Made using botanicals at the distillery’s local estate, and blended with nearby Boyne Valley water, Listoke is craft gin at its finest.


Gin Ting

“I’m head over heels for this bottle - it’s very eye catching on my bar shelf at home and I’ve gifted it to my close friends for their birthdays. Plus, the gin is fruity and delicious simply paired with tonic. Sorted!” - Georgie, Customer Services Rep

Bursting with fresh flavours of mango, passion fruit and grapefruit, you’ll want to take this one in your suitcase for some fun poolside sipping.


VII Seven Hills

"I've spent a little time in Italy over the years for family holidays and I've never had a fully Italian Negroni at home until now. This is a must for all the Negroni lovers out there!” - Kelly, Finance Lead

Distilled near Italy’s Torino this Dry Gin pays homage to Italy, through using authentic Italian materials in production and botanicals, including Blood Orange, Artichoke and Roman Camomile.


Roku Gin

"Tastes like nothing I've ever had in any bar in the UK. The best gin and tonic in town is available on my very own booze shelf.” - Saira, Digital Marketing Exec


Japanese distilleries are very well known for their attention to detail - but what are they supposed to do when their whiskies are ageing? Make equally delicious vodka and gins, of course. Roku Gin combines Japanese botanicals including Sakura, Yuzu and Green Tea for a rich, characterful flavour.


Lola y Vera Clasica Gin - Available via our Gin Club. This is in our June Box!

"If you've ever been to Barcelona, you know it's hard to find a bad G&T; now I've had a bottle of real Spanish gin, I know why. That's why it's this month's exclusive Gin Club pick!” - Filip, Subscriptions Manager

Tapas. Picasso. Sangria… Spain is well-known for many things - but gin is not one of them - which is surprising considering how much Gin the Spanish drink (a lot). Santamania’s latest expression is the smooth and earthy Lola y Vera Clasica, crafted from Spanish Temparillo grapes.  Salud!


Manly Australia Dry Gin

"Made for a refreshing sip on Bondi beach. Drunk by me on the bank holiday weekend with my feet in the kids' paddling pool. Perfect.” - Frances, Ecommerce Manager

Distilled near the picturesque beaches of Australia’s New South Wales coastline. Botanicals include sea lettuce, anise myrtle and pepper leaf - curious, but local - which is what we like! Expect bright, seaside notes on the nose and a lingering savoury finish.


Brooklyn Gin

"First tried this in a speakeasy in New York, so pleased to be able to recreate the gin martini of my dreams any day I please.” - Alistair, Head of Partnerships

A fresh juniper-forward gin with bold citrus flavours and a super smooth finish. With its sky-high quality and flavour, this one is vibrant and sophisticated, much like its mother city.

So there you have it, our picks of the juniper bunch. If you weren’t already, hopefully you’re now just as excited about gin as we are - especially craft gins! If you’ve tried any of these, let me know what you think in the comments - or even better, tell me, what’s your favourite gin?