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Your Valentine's Day Gift Guide...


When it comes to the world of love, one of the most well-known mantras is to not rush into anything, and to take your time to make the right decision. Informed choices. Be smart!

We like to apply this logic to booze, too. Choosing gifts is hard - especially when there’s so much choice (it’s a thing - The Choice Paradox). Whether you’re shacked up, happily single or ready to mingle, and you have any plans at all this Feb 14th (even if it’s to just do nothing), we can help you choose wisely. The below bottles are popular at 31D HQ, and we’ve had some good feedback too!

Out with the strong, in with the smooth! For drinking novices, tee-totals or designated drivers, we have a good selection of low and no ABV bottles.

Belsazar Vermouth, a fortified wine flavoured with botanicals, is a cool, lower ABV alternative to wine and can be sipped neat or topped with soda or tonic. 

Our Nuts about You and Roses are Red, Violets are Blue pairings are good too, they combine a lower ABV liqueur with a classic mixer, making for easy serving and guilt-free sipping.

Gin-wise, we have quite a few options. Notably, Chase Pink Grapefruit & Pomelo, with its moreish crisp finish, is summer in a bottle, while Bullards Strawberry & Black Pepper is tart and fruity with a kick, thanks to its black pepper infusion.

If gin’s not your thing, Moet & Chandon’s Rosé Champagne looks stunning on the shelf, tastes sublime, and better yet, comes with free glasses (and a gift box) already. A very good option if you’re celebrating.

Our Tickle me Pink duo is a delightful combo of Eden Mill Love Gin (pretty apt name) and Elderflower Tonic. Looks good when you add fresh raspberries too!

Want to expand your bar shelf with some cool finds? If you’re after something impressive for the bar shelf, take a look at the iconic Crystal Head Vodka, made in Canada and filtered through CRYSTALS for a super clean palate.

Mezcal Amores makes a beautiful gift - not only is it super smooth and full of flavour, but proceeds from each bottle sold will go towards Rebuild Oxahaca. The full-bodied and exceptionally smooth Bumbu Rum is also a winner amongst the team here, and elevates any rum-based cocktail. Delicately sweet, too!

For the whisky drinker, go for Monkey Shoulder for something sweet smooth and creamy  or Glenfiddich Project XX for an adventurous twist on a classic, premium single malt.

Sometimes you need to try something out before making a full commitment. Or maybe you’re alone and you want a taste of everything! Here’s a few minis, suitable for on-the-pillow surprises, dinner party favours, or casual experimentation… hey, the world’s your lobster!

Black Cow Vodka, Silver Patron, Chambord, Mozart Chocolate Cream. Click here for all minis!

So there you have it! Whatever you’re up to this Valentine’s Day, we hope you enjoy it and remain in raised spirits. Hope you enjoyed our suggestions!